Hudson Valley Sportsdome is taking every precaution to protect its patrons and employees from Covid-19 as per New York State Covid-19 Guidelines:
  • Wear a face covering if you are not vaccinated or are experiencing symptoms 
  • Merv 13 filters installed on all HVAC units in clubhouse.
  • Touchless hand sanitizing stations are available in the Clubhouse and Dome.  Please sanitize your hands upon entering and frequently during your visit.
  • Touchless faucets in restrooms.
  • Touchless soap dispensers in restrooms.
  • Electric hand dryers have been disabled and touchless paper towel dispensers have been installed in restrooms.
  • Drinking water fountains have been temporarily disabled.
  • We have always taken great pride in having an exceptionally clean facility – especially our restrooms.  We have increased the frequency of cleaning high-touch, high-traffic areas throughout the facility.
  • Key facts about ventilation and air flow inside a dome:  Air-support structures have the highest air exchange of any building system.  Our 87,000 sq. ft. dome covers 2 acres and is the height of a 6-story building!  Dome ventilation is remarkably better than in most buildings.  The air quality in a dome resembles outdoor conditions. Click here to read an engineering analysis of dome ventilation and air turnover.